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Wet Weather in Washington

Washington is another northwest state that sees a lot of varied weather, mostly due to its closeness to the Pacific Ocean. However, when people think of Washington weather, they predominantly think of rain, and they aren’t wrong. A lot of the state sees as much as 160 inches of rain annually, and sometimes months pass without residents seeing a clear day without a cloud in the sky. Because of the wet weather it is so important to get a durable floor that can withstand a lot of moisture. Hardwood may not be the best fit because of the sheer amount of weather. If you are investing in a new floor you may want to spring for natural stone like slate or travertine. These materials will stand up to a lot of wear and tear and are easy to clean when wet weather hits. Just be sure to place area rugs in entryways so catch a lot of the moisture that may be dragged in by wet boots.

Washington Architecture and Homes Styles

Because Washington doesn’t have a lot of early American history there is not a lot of revival architecture present throughout the state. However, one style that is predominant is the American Craftsman style of home. This type of architecture, typically reserved for residential buildings includes a lot of handcrafted materials like metal work and hardwood. The style is simple and modest with evidence of sturdy construction and a generally clean style. While this style of home is predominantly made of hardwood, there are plenty of brick and natural stone American Craftsman homes throughout Washington State.

Find A Licensed Floor Contractor In Washington State

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home it is necessary to find a licensed flooring contractor to help you install your new floors. Our service contact lists provide full directories of Washington floorers in your area. If you don’t see your city or town listed please let us know so that we can recommend a contractor in your area. We can also recommend a bathroom and kitchen contractor to help you update additional areas of your home.