West Virginia Flooring

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Heat and Humidity Affect West Virginia Homes

Heat and humidity are the biggest considerations for West Virginia homeowners. While some areas in the state do see below freezing weather, the summers throughout the state tend to be extremely hot and humid. Remember, hardwood will expand and change shape in extremely hot and/or humid weather so if you are installing hardwood or bamboo it is necessary to do so above grade and in a temperature controlled room. Carpet is a durable option, but because it can be so hot in Virginia, many residents prefer slate and travertine because it stays cool in the hot summer months.

Dramatic Victorian Architecture in West Virginia

Because West Virginia has deep roots in the history of American settlement, a lot of the architectural styles are influenced by Great Britain. Victorian architecture is one of the most predominant throughout the state. These residential homes use a lot of brick and hardwood, because those were the most durable and readily available. Because Victorian architecture combines several different subtypes you’ll also see different influences in one home.

Reliable Flooring Help in West Virginia

A qualified flooring professional will be able to recommend flooring products for your home, as well as install your floor correctly and offer tips for maintaining your home. To find a licensed flooring in your area, check out our service contact list directories. We can also help you find a bathroom and/or kitchen installer near you to help you renovate your entire home. If you don’t see your area listed, let us know so we can recommend someone in your city or town. We only work with the best, licensed contractors so let us help you find a qualified flooring installer near you.