Wyoming Flooring

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Breathtaking Scenery Throughout Wyoming

Wyoming is one of the most picturesque states in the Northwest with beautiful mountain ranges, national parks like Yellowstone and Grand Teton as well as acres of wild refuges. Wyoming typically does not see too much temperature range throughout the year, but does see cold weather during the winter. Wind and snow are also predominant in much of the state, which means residents need durable floors that can withstand mud, moisture and debris. Hardwood and bamboo are always recommended in these types of climates because the material is durable and easy to clean. Plus, the rustic aesthetic compliments the frontier scenery of much of the state. Natural stone is also a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms because materials like marble, slate and travertine will truly stand the test of time.

Wyoming Uses Its Natural Resources

One of the more popular home styles throughout Wyoming is the log home. Made almost entirely of wood, these homes are rustic and durable, much like the terrain throughout the state. Log homes keep the shape of each piece of wood intact, rather than splitting each log into planks. The more elaborate log homes will also use natural stone hearths and kitchen/bathroom floors and counters. Reclaimed timber homes in Wyoming also maintain the countrified aesthetic while reclaiming pre-owned building materials.

Finding a Wyoming Floorer

Wyoming is home to many licensed floorers, and our service contact lists provide directories to dozens of flooring contractors in every city. If you don’t see your city listed, please let us know. We work with many qualified floorers, as well as kitchen and bathroom installers and would love to recommend someone to help you update your home. A professional and experienced flooring contractor can not only install your floor, but also recommend flooring products and offer maintenance advice so your floor will last for decades. Let us help you find a floorer in your area today.