Benefits of Marble Flooring

Jim Williams
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Marble flooring is one of the most beautiful and timeless types of flooring options. Not only does it provide a beautiful and opulent accent to a room, but it also has many benefits (which is why it has been a popular flooring choice for centuries). If you are interested in a flooring option that is equally as durable as it is beautiful, look no further than marble tiles. Let’s explore the benefits:


Marble will not harbor pet dander, dust, and other allergens the way carpet and other flooring materials will. Because of this, marble is a great option for homes with pets, children, and people who have sensitivity to allergens. The ease of cleaning coupled with the bacteria and allergen-resistant qualities make this type of flooring an ideal choice for anyone who must avoid these irritants.

Heat Resistant

Marble will not become damaged by heat exposure, which is why it is widely used as a countertop. Additionally, marble stays cool in the summer months, offering a pleasant and cool underfoot.

Freedom of Design

Because marble is a natural flooring material, each tile or slab will have a slightly different appearance, coloring, and vein pattern. Marble is available in different finishes and colors. If you are in the market for marble, know that you have the freedom to choose the style of marble that best suits your home or office. This natural material is available in a wide range of colors like honey beiges, golds, rose, and rich dark greens. Every tile will have its own unique personality.


Marble is available in recycled, post-consumer form, making it a sustainable flooring choice. With marble, you may not have to replace your tiles as often as other materials because of its natural durability, so not only are you using fewer materials, but you are also saving money.

Choosing the Right Floor
Know this: no flooring is perfect. Marble may not be your best bet if you are going for the most economic choice. Marble is one of the more expensive flooring materials and individual 12 by 12” tiles can cost upwards of $10 per sq. ft. (depending on retailer).

Additionally, when polished, marble flooring may present a slipping hazard. Marble floor “owners” bust be especially cautious in areas where water and other liquids may occasionally spill on the ground.

Choose marble flooring for its durability and beauty, as well as the fact that it will stand up to scratches and excessive heat. The many benefits of marble make it a popular choice among home and business owners.