Eco-Friendly Marble Flooring

Jim Williams
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“Natural stone is Mother Nature's original green building material.”  - Marble Institute

Marble flooring is one of the most exquisite and time-tested flooring options available. Its expressive array of options of white veined stone with black, white, pink, or even a rich deep green convey class and refinement. Believe it or not, natural stone is not only easy on the eyes… it’s also a sustainable product. Not convinced? Dive in to learn why marble, in fact, is an eco-friendly flooring option:

A Long Lifespan

The lifespan of marble can be lifelong, thanks to its durability. With this durable natural stone, do not have to replace your floors as often as you would other materials like linoleum, porcelain tiles, carpet, or rubber. Less frequent replacement means you’ll use less material over time. There is a reason Roman and Greek buildings that are constructed largely with marble still exist– marble stands the test of time! Natural stone stands up to weathering and time better than any other building material, natural or manmade.

When choosing to install a marble or natural stone floor, you are making a decision to use a product that will last a lifetime.

A Recyclable Product

The newest recycled material to hit the market is sure to enhance your living or work space while keeping it "green." Marble flooring is, in fact, recyclable. You can often find marble lines that are made of crushed recycled marble to create beautiful and unique mosaic with up to 40 percent recycled materials. Manufacturers collect scraps from granite manufacturers and construction sites. These scraps typically would go to the landfill, but the manufacturers salvage them by using machines that stamp the stone into the shape of tiles or countertops. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for natural stone, including marble, to be crushed and used for asphalt of concrete aggregate for roadbeds or other construction projects – resulting in zero waste.

A Clean Air Promoter

Research conducted by the University of Tennessee's Center for Clean Products found that natural stone does not directly emit any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), reports the Marble Institute. Marble is a 100 percent natural product, thus it does not have any chemicals in it leading to unhealthy emissions.

Additionally, many tile adhesives, grout, and sealants with non-toxic recycled material are available for your marble application. Do note that if a marble product (sealer, grout, adhesive) is labeled non-toxic, it should be labeled as "formaldehyde-free" or low VOC.

Understand your options when shopping for marble flooring before making a decision. That way, you can choose the type of flooring that benefits your home, while diminishing your carbon footprint. Remember: a natural stone have a long lifetime, which reduces your overall waste, they are recyclable, do not emit harmful toxins through the air. After all, what can be greener than a product that comes directly from the earth?

Don’t know where to start? Peruse through Discount Flooring’s array of marble options and request a sample. Test it out in your soon-to-be constructed space and take the order from there! Do your part and make the earth a little greener…