How to Clean Carpet Tiles

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Cleaning carpet tiles is not unlike cleaning a singular piece of carpet, minus a few special considerations. Here are a few basic tips for cleaning and maintaining your new carpet tile floor.

Regular Cleaning

Vacuum your entire flooring with the spin brush attachment on. This will remove all loose dirt and debris. As you vacuum, look for any damaged carpet tiles and make note of them for repair or replacement.

Deep Cleaning Carpet Tiles

There are two ways to deep clean your carpet tiles. The first involves sprinkling baking soda evenly throughout the carpet, letting it set for 20 minutes, and then vacuuming the baking soda up. This will deodorize your carpets and remove any moisture.

The second way to clean your carpet tiles is to shampoo them. You can either shampoo your carpets by hand, or purchase/rent a carpet shampooer. Always shampoo your carpets using a mild soap that won’t damage your carpet tiles.

Maintaining your Carpet Tiles

If a tile becomes stained, or has a sticky mess stuck to it, you can simply remove that tile for easy cleaning. Harden the sticky stain with ice and gently scrub it away. Similarly, if you notice a carpet tile is damaged, you can easily remove it and replace it.

Here are additional tips for maintaining your carpet tiles:

-Wipe up stains immediately with a cloth. Continue to blot until the moisture is totally gone.

-Pay attention to corners and hard to reach places where dirt can get trapped in your tiles.

-Make sure the seams between each carpet tile are as sealed as possible to prevent moisture, spills, and other damaging components from wreaking havoc on the rest of your tiles and your subfloor.

Cleaning and maintaining your tile floors is simple and easy, which means you get to spend less time cleaning your carpet and more time enjoying it.

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