Installing Carpet Tiles

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If you are up for a do it yourself project, installing carpet tiles is a great project for every homeowner. With some careful planning you can easily install your own carpet tile floors for an updated look without a lot of effort. Here are a few basic guidelines for installing your carpet tile floor.

  • Gather your carpet tiles, making sure to order extra in case you make an error when cutting.
  • Remove baseboards and moldings.
  • Locate the center of the room by finding the center of each wall. After measuring each wall, divide the length in half. Mark each midpoint with pencil or chalk. Do the same with a single tile, to find the center of the tile.
  • Place the center of the tile at the center of the wall, making chalk or pencil lines on each side of the tile. Repeat this process for each wall, until you have two lines on each wall. Lengthen the lines until they meet in the center of the room. This is where you will lay your first tile – in the center of the room.
  • Lay each tile, without removing the backing, working away from the center tile. If alternating a pattern, make sure the pile is going in the same direction (there should be an indicator on the underside of the tile.
  • Once you get to the outer line of the room, you will need to carefully cut and fit each tile using a straightedge and a very sharp utility knife. Lay these tiles as you cut them.
  • Once your floor is layed out, you can begin to remove the backing of each tile and carefully laying it. Once this step is complete, use a roller to apply pressure to the new carpet tiles.
  • Replace moldings and baseboards.

Installing new carpet tiles is quick and easy with the right tools and careful planning. Follow these tips and enjoy your new carpet tile floor. Here are a few special considerations when installing carpet tile:

  • Be sure to get the same size tiles for easy installation and a cohesive look
  • Always get the same pile tiles, so the floor feels even
  • Order extra tiles in case you make a mistake cutting or need to replace a tile later on
  • Properly prepare the subfloor by removing old carpet and tiles, and removing dirt and debris
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