How to Clean and Maintain Your Steel or Metal Tile Flooring

Jim Williams
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Cleaning & Maintenance

One of the advantages of choosing metal tiles is that the material is one of the most durable on the market. Cleaning and maintaining steel or metal tile flooring is simple and easy.


Cleaning up spills on metal tiles is easy, because the material is non-porous. In other words, your steel tiles will not absorb any moisture spilled on the floor. Clean up spills with a cloth to quickly remove them.

Daily Maintenance

To clean your tiles regularly, a damp cloth can be used. You may also use a wet mop with a mild detergent. Just be sure not to use any abrasives to avoid scratching your steel tiles. Many homeowners choose to clean their tiles with microfiber cloths, and those work well on stainless steel floors as well. If you notice a lot of fingerprints on your metal tiles, glass cleaner works well to remove them.


While your steel tiles will look wonderful for many years, they may endure scratches over time. The best remedy for scratches on your metal floor is to avoid them in the first place:

-Don’t move heavy furniture along your metal tiles

-Avoid harsh abrasives when cleaning your steel tiles

-Use furniture pads for furniture on your tiles

With some simple maintenance and preventative care, your steel or metal tile flooring will look great for years.

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