How to Install Metal Tiles

Jim Williams
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Carefully installing your metal tiles is an important part of ensuring your floor will last for many years. To begin, be sure you have all the necessary materials for your installation project. Always purchase more flooring then you think you will need, in case you need to cut tiles or have made a measuring mistake.

Treat the subfloor. Remove any dirt, debris, and allow the floor to dry completely. Lay out your tiles and determine if any will need to be cut. Cutting tiles can be done with a saw blade, and it may be helpful to cut your tiles all at once, rather than as you need them.

"Always measure twice and make sure you use a level"

Once you have determined if you will need to cut any tiles lay them down, as you will when you install them. If you’re using a patterned or ridge tile, lay them out in the pattern you will be installing them (facing the same way or alternating). Draw a straight line in the middle of the floor as a starting/reference point for your tiles. Apply a thin layer of adhesive if you are not using a self-adhering metal tile. Carefully begin laying your tiles. If a grout is required, an epoxy grout is typically recommended for metal flooring. If using a sand grout, be sure to tape your tiles to avoid any scratching.

Once your tiles have been installed, allow them to dry for at least 24 hours before permitting heavy foot traffic. You may need to thoroughly clean your tiles after drying to remove any dirt or grout leftover from installation.