What is Luxury Vinyl?

Jim Williams
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Do you picture vinyl flooring as 60s-esque peel & stick tiles?  Vinyl has come a long way over the years. Today’s luxury vinyl are planks that looks like hardwood or other natural materials, and also can come in tiles and grout strips for additional accenting. Colorful and cheap looking vinyl are a distant history, as the modern-day luxury vinyl flooring blends beauty, durability (withstanding accidents and drops), while providing a soft underfoot.

Its popularity speaks for itself. In fact, according to The Flooring Girl, it is the fastest growing segment of flooring. Does that surprise you? Read on to learn why this type of floor is growing in popularity.

Unique Shapes and Colors

Luxury vinyl is offered in a multitude of colors. Choose from deep blues, earthy pinks, greys, and golds, to more subdued browns, yellows, and beige tones. You can also opt to have your vinyl tiles cut into unique shapes so you can design the custom luxury vinyl flooring that suits your personality and design aesthetic.

Simply put, there is no limit to the luxury vinyl finishes and shapes you can choose for your residential or commercial space. Explore the different options and design a luxury vinyl floor that is as beautiful as it is practical.


Luxury vinyl flooring is widely used in a variety of indoor settings. Affordable, easy to install, and versatile, luxury vinyl appeals to many for its spectrum of designs. Offered in wood, tile, stone, and highly creative fabrication, there are virtually limitless types of finishes and shapes available for commercial and residential use.

Natural Feel

If sustainability is important in your purchase decision, then vinyl flooring –believe it or not—may be a good option for you. Multiple manufacturers are now using recycled materials to create the flooring. Modern technology like imaging, texturing, and finishing allows the material to be transformed into a near replica of natural materials.

Plus, unlike traditional laminate flooring, which can sound hollow or tinny when you walk on it, luxury vinyl is firmly adhesed, so it’s is secured to the floor and feels real.

Types of Luxury Vinyl

Alterna/Alterna Reserve

This luxury vinyl option captures the beauty and look of popular ceramic and natural stone floors. Durable and affordable enough for everyday, high traffic use but beautiful enough for the most special places in your home, Alterna and Alterna Reserve luxury vinyl designs are strikingly bold. Alterna panels, which typically come in 12x12” or 16x16”, are designed to mimic the look of limestone and natural stone.

Luxe Plank

Luxe Plank luxury vinyl closely represents natural hardwood floors. Available in a variety of shades, sizes, and textures, Luxe Plank flooring is built to last. It’s waterproof and durable, all-while providing a supportive and practical option for your home or business. Luxe Plank is said to be the best option for DIY-ers, and like most other luxury vinyl, as the steps include peeling, placing, and pressing. Replicas of Kingston walnut, chestnut, and timber are just few of the many options Luxe Plank offers.

As the name implies, it is luxury, so its cost is typically greater than a standard sheet vinyl…but, all the while worth that extra cost. Many homeowners, contractors, and designers are drawn to its finish, flexibility in shaping, durability, and feel.