How to Clean Granite Flooring

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Granite, like all natural flooring, has specific instructions for its care and maintenance. When cleaned and maintained correctly, your granite floors will last a lifetime. It is not difficult to care for natural stone flooring, but it is important to do it properly. If you do not clean your granite floor using the proper materials, you could damage the tile, wear it down quickly, and even damage the surrounding grout.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your granite tile floor is not difficult, but it is specific. Dust mop or sweep your floor regularly to remove loose dirt, as this can damage your tiles and grout. You can also vacuum your floors, but be sure to turn off the spinning brush attachment to prevent unnecessary scratching.

Mop your floors regularly using a warm water and neutral cleaner solution. Never use acid-based cleaners on your floor. Dish detergents work well, but you can also purchase soaps specifically designed to clean natural stone.


Maintaining your granite floors is one of the most important steps you can take towards keeping them looking new for longer. Regularly inspect your floors to check for cracked, chipped, or otherwise damage tiles. Make sure the grout is intact as well. If you see any damaged tiles or grout, remove and replace them as soon as you can.

Here are a few additional tips for maintaining your natural granite flooring:

-Clean up spills with a cloth immediately

-Dilute your cleaner - use a few tablespoons of soap for one bucket of warm water

-Seal your granite tiles regularly to lock in shine and lock out moisture damage

-Always check with your manufacturer before applying any soaps or sealers

-Thoroughly remove all soap after cleaning – soap can leave a dull residue

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