Granite Versus Marble Flooring

Sara Miller
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Not all natural stone is created equal. In fact, many forms of stone have completely different properties, making the choice easy. However, marble and granite have many similarities, which can make the choice between the two difficult. Here are a few major differences between granite and marble:


Granite and marble typically cost about the same. Keep in mind different finishes and polishes of each material will affect the price.


Marble and granite are both incredibly durable. However, marble can stain, where as granite is virtually stain resistant. Most flooring experts will recommend you treat marble floors as you would hardwood. Additionally, marble is prone to scratching, whereas granite is scratch resistant. In other words, granite is more durable that marble.


Again, marble and granite are both beautiful choices. However, many choose marble because it is more refined. Marble has a polished look that is shiny and elegant. While granite comes in a polished finish, it is often considered more rustic than marble. Determine your design needs when choosing between marble and granite.

While very similar in many ways, marble and granite have intrinsic differences that make the choice between the two important. Consider your design needs, as well as the location of your floor remodeling project and determine whether marble or granite is the right choice for you.

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