Installing Granite Flooring

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While many will recommend you have a professional flooring contractor installing your natural stone flooring, granite can become a DIY install project. You should make sure you have installed a tile floor previous to installing your granite. With a little bit of patience and careful planning you can certainly install your own granite floor. Here are some guidelines for installing a granite floor.


Preparing the subfloor is a very important step. You want to make sure you are starting with a subfloor that is clean, dry, even, and in good condition. Remove any old tiles, carpet, paint, and residue. Make sure moisture cannot affect your subfloor because this will eventually affect your granite tiles.


Plan your granite floor before putting down the tiles. Always purchase extra tiles and grout in case you make a mistake. Having extra materials will also come in handy if you need to repair your floor.

Many will lay out the entire floor, or at least sections of tile, before applying any granite. Use tile spacers to make sure your tiles are straight. By laying your tiles ahead of time you will also be able to see if you need to cut any tiles.


Divide your floor into quadrants and start with the top left quadrant. Mix the mortar according to the instructions. Starting with the line closest to the largest wall, begin applying a thin layer of mortar and then the tiles. A notched trowel will help you create grooves in the mortar, which will cling to the tiles better. Once the last tile has been installed, let it dry overnight.


Mix the grout according to instructions, and apply carefully, while removing the tile spacers. You may need to force the grout into the spaces, but be careful. Allow the grout to dry for 24 hours, and remove any excess grout with a damp sponge. Finally, seal the granite floor to prevent stains and water damage.

Always check with your tile manufacturer for specific recommendations on mortar, grout, and tile sealer. Make sure you are completely comfortable installing your granite tile floor before beginning your remodeling project. With a little care and patience you can enjoy your granite floor as well as the fact that you installed it yourself!

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