Area Rug Care and Maintenance

Jim Williams
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Cleaning & Maintenance

Properly caring for your area rug will keep it in pristine condition longer. This will save you money, as you will not have to repair or replace your area rug as often. Follow these basic guidelines for caring for and maintaining your new area rug.


Padding your area rug will keep it from slipping. This, in turn, will help it keep its original appearance longer, as slipping and bunching can weather your area rug faster.


Rotating your area rugs regularly will help them wear more evenly. Rotate your area rugs once a year by 180 degrees.


Regularly vacuuming your rugs will remove dirty and particles. However, if you have a Flotaki or shag rug, do not vacuum it – the long, shag material can get caught in your vacuum and damage it. Instead, shake your shag rugs. Newer rugs may need to be vacuumed more regularly due to “fuzz” – this is perfectly normal.


If storing your rug, never fold it. Rugs should always be rolled and never stored with something heavy on top of them. If you unroll your rug and there is a crease in it, it will iron out within a few days of being flat.

Clean and store your area rug properly to keep it in excellent condition for many years.