Different Area Rug Weaves

Jim Williams
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Understanding the different types of area rug weaves will help you make the best decision when purchasing an area rug for your home. Some rugs are made by constructing a series of knots, while others loop material onto a sturdy backing. The type of weave you choose will determine the style, as well as longevity, of your area rug.

Pile Weave

A pile weave is created by making a series of knots around a weave. A pile weave area rug can be made by hand, or constructed by a mechanical loom.

Flat Weave

No knots are used when constructing a flat weave rug. Instead, strands of material called warp strands and weft strands are weaved together to create different patterns and designs.

Hand Tufted

A primary backing is used in this type of weave. Wool or acrylic yarn is pushed through a backing and held together with glue. Then shears are used to trim the yarn in order to make a specific pile height. Pile height is determined by how much yarn is cut off.

The type of weave you choose will ultimately decide the look of area rug for your home. Compare different area rugs at different price points in order to better choose the right rug for your home.