Different Types of Area Rugs

Jim Williams
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Beyond choosing the perfect size and design of area rug for your home, it’s necessary to also consider the shape. Area rugs come in runners, round, rectangle, and unique shapes, so it is important to choose the right shape of area rug.

Runner Roll

A runner area rug is a long, thin rug. This type of area rug is perfect for hallways and bathrooms, where not a lot of space needs to be covered. Entryways are also a great place for area rugs.


Round rugs are perfect for living areas and dining rooms, but are difficult to fit into a bedroom. In front of a couch, or under a round dining table are both perfect places for a round area rug.


Rectangle area rugs are among the most versatile. Excellent for bedrooms playrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms, rectangle rugs are perfect accents in a variety of rooms.


Unique shaped rugs can come in ovals, octagons, or other unusual shapes. These are usually placed best under dining room tables or in living/play spaces.

Let your area rug accent your home, but also make sure it will function in its space.