Armstrong Laminate Floors

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Armstrong laminate flooring delivers the best of both worlds: nature's beauty without its vulnerability, and at prices that put that beauty within reach. And if that's not enough, you'll rest easy, knowing that the resources tapped in the creation of laminate flooring are skill and imagination.

Armstrong has been providing beautiful, long-lasting flooring for over a century. The Armstrong name is known and trusted the world over for consistent quality, innovative designs, and incredibly satisfied customers. And, most important to today's shoppers, Armstrong has an exciting array of flooring for every home and every personality, from resilient sheet and laminate, to linoleum and ceramic, to vinyl tile and hardwood. Let Armstrong help you find the perfect flooring that will turn your ideas into reality.

Upscale Floors Without the Maintenance

Armstrong laminate flooring provides an upscale appearance with the characteristics of real wood and stone. It is easy to care for as well as scratch and moisture resistant. Master Works technology enables Armstrong to create the most realistic, clear, and vibrant laminate floor designs. The patented Arma Lock Laminate Flooring Installation system makes it easy to install without glue - you simply snap the laminate flooring together. Armstrong's Do-it-Yourself Center provides helpful advice for your DIY project including home improvement and installation instructions.

Laminate flooring was inspired by countertop materials, and has been popular in Europe for the past 20 years. Laminate is extremely durable and easy to care for. The clear surface layer protects the pattern underneath and is highly resistant to cigarette burns and scratches. Maintenance is quick and easy - simply sweep or dry mop as needed. The surface is hygienic, as it doesn't harbor mites or allergens often found in carpets, making it excellent for people with allergies.

Layers of Flooring Protection

Laminate floors are made up of several layers fused together using either DPL (direct pressure laminate) or HPL (or high-pressure laminate). For residential use, DPL is often preferred as it is less expensive and has a gouge-resistance equivalent to HPL (if item is dropped from below counter height). HPL's gouge resistance outdoes DPL if an item is dropped from above counter height, but because of this it is also harder to emboss and can sometimes appear less realistic. In the end, deciding between the two is dependent upon your needs in regards to cost, durability, and realism.

Armstrong Laminate floor is one of best flooring options in terms of durability, providing quality products with a 15-30 year life expectancy. Its performance is due to the inner core stability and a tough wear layer, and the aluminum oxide in the laminate's topcoat is durable and stain resistant. Even though laminate stands up well to wear and tear, keep in mind that if it does scratch, it can't be resurfaced like hardwood can. However, scratches can be concealed using special pencils made by Armstrong, and chips, gouges and deep scratches can be concealed using filler sticks. If an area of the floor does become severely damaged, replacement can be a tricky job that's best left to an installation professional.