Alloc Laminate Floors

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Laminate flooring is popular, and for a good reason: it is less expensive, easy to install, and comes in a wider variety of colors and wood patterns. And since laminate flooring is a manufactured product, the costs do not fluctuate as much as traditional hardwood does. Homeowners can rest easy that their flooring project will not see a price hike before completion.

An Alternative to Hardwood

Wood has always been the flooring material of choice: it's not a secret that its timeless beauty improves the value of your home. The problem is that not everyone can afford hardwood floors, nor has the time, money, and energy to install hardwood floors. Laminate floors are preferred over traditional hardwood, because of their versatility and ease of installation. Laminate flooring comes in scores of colors, patterns, and designs. These floors are hard and durable just like a laminate counter, while offering the appearance of hardwood.

Another advantage of laminate is competition - there are lots of laminate flooring companies to choose from. Alloc Flooring is a testament of this: they offer original, stone, prestige, tile, and wood varieties. 

Why Alloc? 

Ease of Installation: Alloc laminate floors, can be installed simply and quickly with no glue, and can be maintained just as easily for years of enjoyment. Alloc uses a unique joint locking system, invented to replace the traditional gluing method. This system allows you to install your flooring twice as fast as you would a traditional tongue-and-groove floor, and you won't have glue oozing through seams afterwards! Just snap the planks together and you can walk on the laminate flooring as soon as you're done!

Natural Look: Alloc's products offer convincing representations of wood, stone and tile down to the finest details.  Alloc floors are a guaranteed decor-enhancing surface.

Lifelong Warranty: We stand behind the durability of your Alloc flooring for as long as you own it. When you purchase  limited lifetime warranty covers joint integrity, staining, fading, wear and water resistance for residential applications. With our joint integrity warranty, we're the first laminate flooring manufacturer to back precision joints from separating or cracking.

Durability: The Alloc laminate floor product is made up of a high-pressure laminate surface, a high-density fiberboard core and a high pressure laminate backing, and is available in a range of designs.

Patented Technology: Alloc’s patented technology has brought innovation to the flooring industry and the response from customers, retailers, contractors and installers has been very positive.

Alloc Laminate Flooring Types:


Traditional laminate flooring is a 2 1/4" wide, three-strip plank. Alloc Original offers superior beauty and durability and is the "First and Only" HPL high pressure laminate.


Alloc Stone has a convincing stone appearance. It is also a high-pressure laminate so it can stand the test of time. 


Vintage is comprised of a 6 1/2" wide, one-strip plank with a minimally beveled edge to give the flooring an old-fashioned look and feel. The planks are 14mm thick, with a 3mm veneer and the Alloc surface treatment. 

Alloc laminate flooring is not your only choice, but it's a strong one. Get a sample through Discount Flooring and start your journey to a better floor.