Mohawk Laminate Floors

Mike Hill
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Laminate floors have been a major flooring option for North America consumers for decades. Today, homeowners can find a wide selection of laminate flooring brands in many different designs, sizes, and colors. The floors come in a variety of plank widths and square tile sizes, with designs ranging from realistic stone and slate to various types of hardwoods.

Mohawk Flooring, a manufacturer of laminate floors offer all of these options and is produced to the highest standards.

Even if you prefer traditional hardwoods, there are still places in your home that are better suited for laminates, such as children's play rooms, the kitchen and laundry room, and entryways. These heavily trafficked areas are a great place to install laminate flooring, because of its high level of durability.

Why Mohawk?

If you love the look of real hardwood but are concerned with the upkeep than laminate flooring could be your answer. If you are concerned with tearing up your old floor then a laminate floor may be a great alternative for you - a "floating floor" option can be installed over many exiting flooring types. Laminate floor is also a great product for do-it-yourself installations, reducing installation costs.

Versatility: Mohawk Laminate Flooring combines beautiful textures, colors, and patterns. Mohawk Laminate Flooring is designed to enhance the beauty, warmth, and style of your home with a wide variety of laminate flooring designs, textures, and colors to choose from. Mohawk offers laminate looks that mimic natural elements: think faux-oak, cherry, maple, travertine stone, and hardwood finishes.

Easy Installation: These floors can be installed almost anywhere, from dry concrete slabs to wooden subfloors. With wood-style laminates you have two convenient options: Mohawk's Duraloc System uses a tongue-and-groove locking system to connect planks together, avoiding messy glues and making it possible for you to enjoy your floor the moment you complete installation, or go with the DuraLoc Plus, which uses the same locking system, but adds a pre-glued groove, so you simply wet the tongue and tap the planks together, adding even more stability. And, if you're interested in a natural stone or slate laminate, the Durloc Lift & Loc uses a double-tongue-and-groove locking system in a wider plank.

Scratch Resistant: Mohawk Laminate Floors are more resistant to scratching and scuffing that most other types of hard surface floors. This is due to the CrystalShield Finish - a durable veneer that is easy to clean and never needs to be waxed.  High heels, pet scratch marks, and household chemicals are no problem for Mohawk's Crystal Shield finish - it's designed to be abrasion and indentation -resistant.

Sturdy: Mohawk's decorative layer won't fade or change color due to sunlight, while their MoistureBlock backing seals the bottom of each plank for additional stability and moisture resistance. It's no surprise that a Lifetime Structural Warranty backs Mohawk Laminate Floors - they're built to last.

For long-lasting durability, highly realistic, natural designs, and simple installation, Mohawk Laminate Floors are your best choice.