Things to Consider When Buying Cork Flooring

Jim Williams
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Buying Guides

Cork is a type of flooring completely unique to other flooring materials. Cork has many properties that separate it from the likes of hardwood, carpet and natural tile. If you are shopping for cork flooring, you should consider several things. Here is a guide on what to consider when buying cork floors for your home.

Soft and Sound Absorbent

Cork is made of tiny cells filled with air, which give it a soft and cushiony feel underfoot. If you are on your feet in your home all day, have small children or want to provide some softness for your guests then cork is a great option.

Similarly, cork reduces noise transmission and actually absorbs sound. This makes cork a great option for entertainment rooms, recording studios and playrooms where the noise level is increased.

Thermal and Hypoallergenic

Because the cells inside cork are made of up mostly air it becomes a natural insulator. As much as cork absorbs sound in any room, it also prevents heat loss. In fact, studies have shown that less heat is lost on a cork floor than hardwood or ceramic.

There is also a natural substance in cork called Suberin. Insects like termites are repelled by Suberin, and mold cannot grow because of it, even if submerged in water. Because of this, cork is a great material for people with allergies because it won’t harbor pet dander and won’t grow mold the way other materials will.

Easy to Install and Easy to Maintain

Cork is easy to install and in many cases is available in tiles that don’t even need to be adhered to the subfloor. Beyond this, caring for cork floors is very simple. In most cases cork flooring needs a simple sweeping and mopping.

Design and Style Choices

Many people assume that cork is only available in tan without much room for design choices. However, cork is available in many different colors and styles. You can create unique patterns by alternating different colored tiles to customize a living or working space. Cork is available in an entire rainbow of colors giving you plenty of design options.

If you are shopping for new flooring and are looking for something practical, unique and beautiful consider the many benefits of cork flooring.