Strength and Durability of Cork Flooring

Sara Miller
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While walking on a cork floor, you may be thinking, "I feel like I'm walking on a cloud, but is this flooring material actually resilient?" Believe it or not, cork flooring is a bit of an anomoly; it's soft and durable at the same time! 

Due to its natural durability, cork flooring is suitable for both commercial and residential applications including installation in places where other flooring types are not recommended. Urban office space, mud rooms, yoga floors, kitchens, living areas, and playrooms are just a few of the many applications for cork flooring. 

Cork is Soft AND Durable: Cork is made up of bark, is naturally composed of small, honeycomb-like structures, which makes the cork structure flexible, yet strong. What makes cork unique is that it will easily “bounce” back when dented or damaged. It also provides a soft underfoot, which is ideal for areas where you are on your feet a lot. 

Cork is Hypoallergenic: Because of cork's natural anti-microbial properties, cork doesn't harbor dust, pet dander, or mildew. Unlike other flooring materials that are subject to the wear and tear of debris and mildew, this contribute's to the durability and longevity of cork.

Cork is Easy to Clean: Cork is simple to clean, and typically involves a regular sweeping and a quick wet mop. Cork contains subverin, a substance that prevents water from penetrating into its surface. Because of this, cork is waterproof and airtight, contributing to cork's longevity.

Many homeowners who have pets become concerned that their pets will ruin their newly installed cork flooring. If you are wondering whether or not cork is a suitable flooring option for a household with pets the answer is yes. In short, your pets will not ruin your new cork floor. In fact, cork is a great option for busy homes with pets. If you are a pet loving household consider installing a new cork floor that is durable and will look beautiful.

Quick Tips to Elongate the Life of Your Cork Floor: 

  • Keep your pets’ nails trimmed
  • Avoid walking on the cork floors with high heels
  • Immediately wipe spills
  • Keep water and food bowls on a rubber or plastic mat
  • Finishes are available for that extra boost of durability; high gloss or  smooth options are great for high-traffic areas prone to knicks and spills