Best Rooms to Have Cork Floor Installed In

Sara Miller
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Cork flooring is durable and with range of colors available it is become one of the more stylish flooring options. Not only that, but cork flooring is one of the most sustainable flooring materials out there, so you can fashion your residential or commercial space with material is that is equally as eco-friendly as it is beautiful.

If you are interested in installing cork flooring in your residential or commercial space, but aren’t sure which rooms are appropriate, here are the best rooms to have cork floors installed in:

Playrooms and Mudrooms

Playrooms and mudrooms endure a lot of traffic,wear, and tear. Cork floors can bounce back from most types of damage. Cork floors are also fairly easy to clean, which is helpful in rooms where dirt is common. (Do note, however; next to hardwood counterparts its considered a softer and less durable material.) Simply sweep and mop your cork floors to keep them clean. Additionally, cork flooring is mildew resistent and hypoallergenic so it so it won’t hold onto dirt and pet dander like other flooring materials.

Living Rooms and Bedrooms

Cork is thermal, which means it won’t let heat escape from it. Cork is a soft wood that allows traps heat. You will notice that cork floors are warmer than other materials like ceramic and granite. Because of this, cork flooring is a great option for living rooms and bedrooms, where you want a soft and warm underfoot. 

Cork comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Colors can run the gamut from beige, off-white, and earth tones to red, violet, and yellow. Additionally, you can choose from various patters (think strip, plank, or tile) to create design diversity in your living or bedroom. 

Home Studios and Entertainment Rooms

As much as cork floors absorb heat, it also absorbs sound. This makes cork a great option in noisy or active home recording studios and entertainment rooms. Consider the room soundproof as cork flooring shields and absorbs sound waves that music, movies, and other loud forms of entertainment can make.

Cork is a great option in so many rooms. Still, there are a few rooms in your home where you should not install cork flooring:

  • Kitchens – As with bathrooms, kitchens are areas where there are often a lot of spills that can damage or stain cork. If you’re considering cork for your kitchen you may want to consider another flooring option, or only installing it in an eat-in kitchen or where you don't cook. New types of cork flooring, however; are fabricated with a high-gloss urethane making it more impervious to stains and heavy use.

While considering a cork floor installation, keep the dimensions and use of your room. Making the best decision for your spaces will make sure you get the most use out of your new cork floors.

Commercial Spaces: Yoga and Fitness Studios

Many yoga and fitness studios across the world are discovering the utility and comfort of a cork floor. Cork's natural qualities make it perfectly suited for exercise facilities because it reduces the impact on your joints with its cushiony underfoot. Its sound absorption is another key quality, reducing overall sound pollution in a studio with multiple workout rooms. Plus, its anti-microbial properties make it ideal for maintaining a clean environment.

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