Glass Mosaics - Considering Safety in your Glass Flooring

Sara Miller
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Mosaic tile can take your home or office space above and beyond the ordinary. While glass mosaics provide unparalleled beauty to any room, when used as a floor application you have to consider its safety.

With a gorgeous glass mosaic you can create a pattern, design, or even a mural that can bring an entire room to life.  Invoking the feel of an upscale spa or hotel, these tiles contribute to the overall style of any space from shower floors and pools to foyers and entryways. With glass mosaic tiles, your color and size options are vast. Choose from solid or multicolored tiles -- arranged to your liking. Recreate a realist painting or ordain your floors with a checkered pattern -- your options are vast with glass mosiac tiles. Enjoy the variety of tile sizes from as small as ½ inch” to longer rectangle pieces.

Safety Tips

Over time small cracks can appear in the grout lines between the glass mosaic tile. This uneven and potentially even sharp surface can damage your underfoot, so you need to make sure to regrout the uneven tile immediately.

  1. Similarly, as the building materials absorb and release moisture they tend to settle, twist, and warp slightly, which causes separation in the grout lines. To remediate this, regrout the tile every five years.
  2. As you install the mosaic tiles use an ample amount of grout between each tile, as this will provide extra friction.
  3. For high-traffic areas, choose a glass mosaic that has a bit of texture to it. In some environments, or in areas that are succeptable to moisture, a slipping hazard presents itself. Some homeowners or designers also suggest using a non-slip throw rug over the tile.
  4. The installation quality can affect the overall safety of the mosial tile later down the line. Be sure to:
  • Utlilize a reputable installer - Check Angie’s List or Yelp! for reviews
  • Get informed about the installation process - DIY Diva and DIY Network are recommended resources

Appreciate the beauty that mosaic flooring can provide, but also take care to create the safest places in your home. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a wonderful, carefully installed glass mosaic floor.

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