Glass Tile

Decorative Glass Tile Floors from Discount Flooring

Glass tile is an option for a truly unique floor, whether for a patio, bathroom, kitchen, or other room. Tiles allow you to create a single colored floor, random patterns, and even planned designs, and glass tiles provide an array of colors that can be tailored to fit your decor flawlessly. Glass tiles are often used for bathroom floors, but are gaining popularity as the latest trend for accent flooring throughout the house and on patios.

Discount Flooring provides a variety of glass tile flooring series at affordable prices. The variety we provide means you can find tiles of any shade and create a combination that is unique to your home. Glass tile flooring is also easy to clean and is durable, and the ceramic versions offered by Discount Flooring are both attractive and high quality.

In addition to our array of colors and types of high quality glass tile flooring, we also provide contractor listings by state and city. Browse our service locator section to find a local installer who can expertly install your new floor. It is important to choose a contractor that is knowledgeable and experienced, so make sure to read our tips about selecting a contractor before you make any phone calls, and call us at any time for more information about the product itself or further guidance about what to look for when hiring a contractor.