Recycled Glass Flooring

Jim Williams
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Glass flooring is a beautiful option because of its versatility in color and style. Another reason to invest in the beauty of glass flooring is the eco-friendly properties of the material. Glass can be recycled and reused very easily, and many flooring manufacturers take advantage of this when manufacturing glass tiles. In fact, according to Earth911, 4.2 million tons of glass are collected annually for recycling.

Why Choose Recycled Glass Tiles?

By taking advantage of recycled glass flooring, manufacturers (and homeowners) are able to minimize raw materials needed to create new glass tiles. Beyond this, when using recycled glass tiles, less fuel is needed. by purchasing recycled tile you are doing your part to contribute to a healthier and happier environment. 

How Are Recycled Glass Tiles Made?

If you have recycled old window material, Mason jars or glass bottles, you may not even have realized that you’re contributing to the recycled glass manufacturing cycle. Manufacturers take recycled glass products, break them up into tiny pieces add a mixture of water and boric acid. The compound is then fired at high temperatures in a kiln for liquefaction. The liquid glass mixture is then mixed to create a uniform color and “state”, colored, set into a mold, and then cooled. The tiles are then cooled for an extended period of time. From there, manufacturers can add finishes that achieve a frosted look and unique textures.

What Should I Keep in Mind When Choosing the Perfect Recycled Glass Tile?

The look of a recycled glass material is indescernable to glass from new materials. Like any flooring purchase, consider the style, color, finish, edge, and size of the tile. Take time to educate yourself about your options!

Consider the benefits of investing in recycled tiles. Not only will you be minimizing raw resources used and helping the environment, you’ll also enjoy a gorgeous glass tile floor that will last you many years. Do you part to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

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