How to Maintain Specialty Tile

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One of the biggest concerns when installing any new material is how easy it will be to maintain. Luckily, specialty tile is fairly easy to care for. Depending on the material, maintaining your specialty tile can be as easy as wiping it down with a damp cloth.

  • If you are installing natural stone tiles, the biggest concern is that you do not clean with acid-based cleaners. Instead, use a neutral, mild soap and gently clean your specialty tiles.
  • If you are installing specialty tiles as a backsplash, mural, or in another location that isn’t on the floor, simply wipe your tiles with a damp cloth. That way they will look shiny and dust-free.

Maintaining your Specialty Tiles

One of the most important steps in keeping your specialty tiles damage free is to properly seal them. Ask your tile manufacturer/distributor to recommend a sealer that is appropriate for your specific type of tile and seal according to the instructions to lock out moisture.

To maintain your specialty tiles, inspect them regularly. Make sure there are no cracks, chips, or breaks in the tiles. You also want to make sure the grout is intact and not damaged.

You want to maintain your specialty tile the way you would any tile you have installed in your home. Take precautions according to the specific type of stone you are installing based on these guidelines:

Marble – marble specialty tile can stain and scratch, so don’t install specialty tiles made of marble in high traffic areas.

Limestone/Slate/Travertine – These materials are porous, and can absorb water if not properly sealed. Seal your specialty tile to protect from unnecessary damage.

Granite – Granite is the toughest natural stone tile available, so granite specialty tiles are great additions for kitchens and bathrooms.

Install the best material for the space you are remodeling and enjoy gorgeous specialty tile throughout your home.

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