Specialty Tiles Design Versus Function

Sara Miller
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Specialty tiles have a variety of purposes, and are appropriate in many different settings. If you are wondering whether or not specialty tiles are just for design, the answer is no. There are plenty of practical applications for specialty tiles as well.

Design Specialty Tiles

Specialty tiles made for design are also known as accent tiles. These are often available in mosaics, murals, and even as light switch and outlet covers. While these do provide a function (cover outlets, protect subfloors, provide waterproof protection) they are mostly used for style.

Function Specialty Tiles

Specialty tiles used for function are more typically found in commercial spaces, such as restaurants and grocery stores. Usually found in rubber, steel, and other heavy duty materials these tiles are meant to provide small spaces with slip-resistant protection or heavy duty wear. However, these types of tiles do have their place in residential areas, such as dog kennels and even play rooms.

There are a variety of uses for specialty tile, so don’t shy away from this option because you don’t think it is for you. Whether you need simple accents for your home or industrial strength, you can find what you are looking for with specialty tiles designed for style and for function.

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