What are Specialty Tiles?

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Specialty tiles are used in a variety of settings, mostly as accents or decoration. There are a number of applications for specialty tiles, and this is mostly because they are available in so many designs, colors, and materials. Let’s take a look at the different types of specialty tiles available:


Mosaic specialty tiles are a group of small tiles adhered together to make a specific look or even a picture. Mosaics are commonly sold in small sheets, where they can be cut and used in showers, kitchen backsplashes, and on floors. Mosaics are convenient because they give a big burst of color and style without a lot of space being taken up, or installation work.


Mural specialty tiles are like mosaics, except these are typically larger. Similarly, murals will bring a group of different colored tiles together in order to present a picture or large design. Mural specialty tiles are beautiful on walls or floors (especially entryways where a statement can be made).

Accent Tiles

Accent specialty tiles are also desirable because they add a pop of design without a lot of installation. You can typically find accent tiles as outlet covers or light switches. These design accents serve to take advantage of every opportunity to add a little style.

Custom Designs

If you haven’t found the design or style tile you are looking for, specialty tiles are available in custom designs. You can have your initials monogrammed or even have a portrait of your pet put on a beautiful accent tile.

Specialty tiles allow the designer in every homeowner to express their creativity while creating beautiful spaces in their home or office. Find the perfect specialty tiles for your next remodeling project and enjoy a wonderfully decorated space.

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