Columbia Laminate Floors

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Homeowners will appreciate Columbia Flooring's pride in craftsmanship, and the results of over 40 years experience in hardwood veneers. Columbia's singular goal is to create floors that express the natural beauty and warmth of wood. Laminate flooring manufacturers use sophisticated, computerized technology to create realistic designs. The top wear layer is incredibly durable and easy to care for, as it is practically impervious to most stains, spills, burns, and scratches.

Laminate "Floating" Planks

Laminate floors are installed by floating the planks over almost any base floor, including plywood, OSB, concrete slabs, and some existing floor coverings. Available in planks or tiles, the flooring sections usually have tongue and groove edges that lock together, like puzzle pieces. These floors are never secured directly to the sub floor, but generally are attached to the perimeter of the room, allowing for a "floating floor," which can expand & contract as humidity changes.

These days, most laminate floors require no glue to secure the planks and tiles together, as they just snap together. Glue-less installation makes these floors quick and easy-to-install, and ideal for do-it-yourself installations. Some other laminate floors are pre-glued at the factory and only require a damp sponge to re-activate the adhesive along the tongue edges, while the rest do require a specially formulated glue to be applied to each of the plank edges, securing the floor to itself.

Would you like to have a floor system that takes less time, less effort, and gives you immediate results? With Columbia Laminate Floors and their simple Clic floor system, installing and owning a new floor has never been easier. Clic floors require no gluing, which means you can install a 300 sq. ft. room in half the time. You don't have to wait for glue to dry, so use your floor as soon as you're done assembling, and relax knowing your new laminate flooring is better at handling horizontal and vertical stresses than a glued floor. Additionally, you can relocate and reuse your floor in another room just by disassembling it, without any glue-haze to clean up. Finally, Columbia Laminate Floors joint integrity is covered by a lifetime warranty, which also covers the overall structure, performance, and moisture damage.

Four Layers of Flooring Protection

Columbia Laminate Flooring is a high quality floor comprised of four layers. First is the transparent wear layer, designed to be scratch and stain resistant and display the next layer to the best advantage. That next layer is the actual design, created out of a melamine-impregnated paper, which has a highly detailed design, such as a wood grain pattern, printed on it. Beneath this is the actual core of the laminate plank or square - usually a high-density fiberboard. At the bottom is the stabilizing layer, which is often treated to be water-resistant, and adds sufficient thickness to prevent cupping or warping.

If you're looking for a high quality laminate floor that offers easy installation, lifetime durability, and lasting beauty your best bet is Columbia Laminate Flooring's Clic collections. Nowhere else will you find such a large variety of patterns and colors, with such a wide array of available textures and embossing styles. Now you can get the timeless beauty of a hardwood floor, without the headache of a prolonged installation or repeated maintenance. Your Home, Your Style - Columbia Laminate Flooring.