Mannington Laminate Floors

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Your home reflects both your vision and your lifestyle. Do you have an active family filled with children and pets? Are you furnishing your first home? Perhaps enjoying the rewards of retirement? If you love the look of classic hardwood flooring, but not the cost or maintenance, the answer is Mannington Laminate Flooring. Laminate floors are perfect anywhere in the home, but particularly in areas where high traffic is a concern such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, family rooms, and entryways. For incredible comfort, style, and beauty, nothing surpasses Mannington laminate floors.

Mannington's business for over 90 years has been flooring, so it's no surprise that no one knows more about making floors. Due to their experience in creating new flooring techniques and their line of hardwood flooring, Mannington creates laminate flooring that truly emulates real wood grain. As a result, they're the leading manufacturer of resilient flooring for both retail and commercial markets.

Thermo Composite Construction

Mannington Laminate Floors are created using Thermo Composite Construction, which fuses the five layers of the plank in one step, creating an extremely durable floor. This is done using a thermal-set plastic resin - instead of the glue used by most manufacturers - which gives their floors such superior strength. The durable top layer is a melamine impregnated with aluminum oxide, a material with a hardness rating surpassed only by diamonds. Just beneath this is the design image, crafted to maintain color and supported by Mannington's 25-Year Residential Fade Resistant Warranty. The middle of the plank is a strong, high-density board that will withstand the pressure from even a heavy piano. Next we have Mannington's unique profile system, the MLock, which increases the strength of the plank while allowing you an easy, glue-less laminate flooring installation. At the base of this is the I-Beam Backing, the melamine-impregnated final layer that balances the plank to prevent warping.

Mannington Laminate Floor Nature Forms Tile Collection has a surface embossing that creates impressive realism, giving you the look and feel of actual stone & slate tiles, complete with grout lines, random-width patterns to create a rustic effect, worry-free maintenance, and a high-wear overlay that ensure years of enjoyment. Of course, the Coordinations Collection offers that same level of realism, combining texturing and printing techniques to create a variety of wood plank designs, styles, and colors. If you prefer top of the line in style and beauty, Mannington Laminate Revolutions Collection is the answer, providing the ultimate in realism.

Maintenance Free Flooring

Mannington Laminate Flooring is the closest thing to a maintenance free floor. Ordinary vacuuming or sweeping is usually sufficient to keep the floor clean. If needed, occasional damp mopping with a Mannington-approved cleaner is recommended (but never flood the floor with water.) Mannington's laminate flooring is warranted against surface moisture resulting from normal household use such as wet shoes, spilled liquids, or dripping when exiting the bathtub or shower. You can rest assured these normal household activities will not harm the flooring, making just one more way laminate flooring surpasses traditional hardwood.

Mannington makes a variety of highly durable laminate floors with some of the best designs in exotic and extinct hardwood species, as well as extremely realistic laminates that resemble stone, slate, and tile. Mannington turns your dream of the perfect floor into an affordable reality. Beautify your living room with Mannington Laminate Flooring today.