How to Clean and Maintain Limestone

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Limestone flooring is a great choice for those looking to install natural stone in their homes. Natural stone intimidates many because in some cases it is difficult to maintain and clean. Limestone, while needing specific care, does not require an abundance of effort to keep clean and well maintained. You want to be sure to maintain your limestone properly, because the wrong products or care can wear down the stone quickly, causing unnecessary damage.

Regular Cleaning

It is important to remove loose dirt and debris from your limestone tiles. These materials can scratch the surface of your stone, so remove them regularly with a dust mop or broom. You can carefully vacuum your limestone as long as you do not use the spinning brush attachment (in many cases you can simply turn this off).

Wet mop your limestone floors with a mild soap solution. Dish detergents works well, but you can also purchase a soap designed specifically for natural stone. Use two or three tablespoons per bucket of water, thoroughly mop your floors and rinse them clean. Soap residue can make your limestone slippery, as well as make it look dull so be sure to remove all soap.

Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your limestone floors will keep them looking newer for longer. Inspect your floors every few months to make sure there are no chipped or cracked tiles. If so, remove and replace them as soon as possible. Repair any damaged grout as well, because this can affect the surrounding tiles and cause unnecessary damage.

Reapplying a sealer on a regular basis will protect your floors from water damage. Because limestone is porous, it is susceptible to water damage, so regularly applying a manufacturer-approved sealer will prevent this from happening.

Additional Limestone Maintenance Tips:

-Never use acid-based cleaners on your limestone floors

-Use area rugs to protect entryways where dirt is likely to collect

-Clean up spills immediately with a soft cloth

Maintaining your limestone floors does not require a lot, but it should be done with the proper products and tools to ensure your floors last for decades.

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