Things to Consider When Purchasing Limestone

Jim Williams
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Limestone is a popular natural stone used in a variety of residential and commercial remodeling projects. There are many benefits to using limestone, but that doesn’t mean it is the right choice for every project. Consider the following facts when shopping for natural stone flooring:


Limestone is durable. As a form of natural stone, limestone will last a lifetime once installed properly and regularly maintained. If you choose to invest in limestone tiles for your home or office you will be able to enjoy a strong floor that will last for decades.

Water Damage

Limestone is a porous material, which means it can suffer water damage if it gets wet. Take necessary precautions by applying a sealer to your limestone tile floor to lock out moisture and protect your floor.


Limestone is available in a rainbow of colors including red, brown, tan, blue, and green. Beyond this, limestone is also available in a variety of finishes including polished, honed, and tumbled. With countless color and finish combinations, it is easy to find the perfect limestone floor to match your décor.


Unlike carpet and other flooring materials, limestone won’t harbor pet dander and dust, which makes it a great choice for homes with pets or people with severe allergies. In addition, limestone won’t emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like other flooring materials so you can feel comfortable in a safe flooring choice.

Cost and Installation

Limestone can be costly, especially if installed in a large area. In addition to this, it is recommended that you hire a professional flooring contractor, so you should factor this into your budget. Limestone is worthy of the investment, but it is important to be prepared for the added cost.

Limestone is a beautiful and luxurious flooring material that will look good in plenty of remodeled spaces. As with any major investment, consider your needs and weigh them against the advantages of purchasing limestone as a flooring material. 

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