How Limestone is Made

Jim Williams
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Limestone is a durable natural stone that has been used for decades in homes across the world. Known for its unique appearance, limestone is made primarily of sedimentary rock, specifically, calcium carbonate. Limestone is also made of marine fossils from organisms that leave behind shells and bones. Water and pressure combine at extreme levels to create limestone.

Limestone is available in a variety of colors, and this is because of the different minerals, clay, and pH balances in water where limestone is found. Limestone is typically found in shallow waters, where it is quarried and then brought to stone mills to be cut, polished, and inspected for faults.

There are several benefits to choosing limestone flooring tile. A few reasons limestone makes a great addition to your home include:


-Long lasting

-Beautiful Appearance

If you are shopping around for a new floor and considering natural stone, consider limestone. Limestone is an exquisite choice for a variety of home and office remodeling projects.

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