Limestone Finishes

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Limestone is an exquisite natural stone flooring material, because it is available in so many styles and colors. Different minerals and clays bond to the limestone while it is forming creating hues of greens, browns, and reds. Once you have chosen the perfect shade of limestone for your flooring project, you can choose from a variety of finishes to complete the entire look of the room.

Types of Limestone Finishes

Polished – Polished limestone brings a shiny finish to the tiles. Many people enjoy this look because it brings out the subtle colors in every limestone tile.

Honed – Honed tiles are partially polished. The result is a smooth surface with a rustic finish.

Tumbled – Tumbled limestone is tossed with mild abrasives in order to provide a matte finish that is more natural looking. Many enjoy the aged look of this finish.

Keep in mind that the type of finish will affect the price of your limestone floor. However, having the ability to choose the color, style, and finish of your floor allows you to completely customize the look of your whole room – a privilege that many consider priceless.

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