Advantages of Slate Tile Flooring

Jim Williams
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Slate tile is wildly popular in many home and office areas. Slate is mostly sought after for its rustic appearance that showcases the natural origins of this durable tile. Other than being beautiful, slate has many advantages. Consider these benefits when shopping for slate tiles:


Slate is as strong as it is exquisite. When it is installed properly and maintained, you can expect your tile floor to virtually last a lifetime. This makes it great for spaces that need a high quality floor, without having to replace it every few years.


Slate typically comes in darker colors, which makes them easier to maintain. Dark colors typically hide dirt better, so you do not have to clean your slate tiles as often as you would other materials.


Slate is most typically found in textured, uneven form. The texture of the tile makes it less slippery than marble and other types of stone. Because of this, slate is a safer option for homes where pets and children live.


Slate is most commonly found in a gray color, however it is available in greens, browns, and even reds. Because slate is available in a variety of neutral colors, it blends very well with many types of décor. From modern to classic, slate fits in nicely with a variety of styles.


Slate is typically more affordable than marble and travertine, making it a less costly option for home and business owners that want to enjoy the luxury of natural stone without going over budget.

Here are some additional benefits of slate tile:

-Heat resistant

-Scratch resistant

-Long lasting


Slate tile is a valuable addition to many styles of homes for many different reasons. If you are considering installing natural stone tiles in your home, consider the benefits of installing natural slate flooring.

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