How to Clean Slate Flooring

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Slate flooring is a rustic and earthy option for any home of office. Once your slate tiles are installed, it is important to keep them clean and looking new. Here are a few tips for keeping your floor clean and maintaining your slate floor so it will look great for years:


Cleaning your slate tiles is simple, but must be done with care. The most important part of cleaning your slate tiles is to remove all dirt and loose debris. Loose dirt can scratch your tiles, so remove it every few days with a soft bristle broom or a dust mop.

You can also wet mop your slate tiles once a week using a solution of mild soap and warm water. Stone-specific soaps are available, but a mild dish soap or detergent will work fine.


Prevention is the best form of protection for your slate tile flooring. Regularly inspect your floors to make sure the grout is intact, and that no tiles are chipped or cracked. Use a manufacturer-recommended sealer to lock out moisture, because slate is porous and can be damaged by water.

Stain Removal

Stains happen. If you accidentally stain your slate tiles, don’t panic. Simply use hydrogen peroxide on the stain to remove it. Note: DO NOT USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE ON COLORED GROUT. Peroxide will bleach colored grout.

Here are a few quick tips for cleaning and maintaining your slate:

-DO NOT use acid-based cleaners on your stone – even vinegar can damage slate tiles.

-If vacuuming your floors, use a soft bristle attachment and be careful not to scratch your floors.

-Clean up spills immediately using a cloth or paper towel.

-Remove and replace damaged tiles as soon as possible.

While the process for cleaning slate tiles is specific, it is also simple. Take careful measures to ensure your slate tile flooring looks newer longer.

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