Things to Consider Before Purchasing Slate Tile Flooring

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Natural stone is growing in popularity as a flooring option for residential and commercial spaces. If you are shopping for natural stone flooring for your home or office, consider slate tiles. Slate is becoming more commonplace for a variety of reasons. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing slate flooring for your remodeling project:


As with most natural stone products, slate flooring is quite porous. This means that your slate tiles are more likely to absorb water, which can cause damage to the tiles. Apply a manufacturer-approved sealer to your slate tiles to lock out moisture and protect your slate floor tiles.


Slate flooring is one of the more popular options of flooring material because it is more affordable than marble and travertine. This is because it is easy to turn slate stone into tiles. Slate is typically cut from quarries in “sheets,” which are easy to turn into tiles.


As with most natural stone flooring options available to consumers, slate tiles are durable. In fact, if your slate tiles are installed properly and maintained regularly they can virtually last a lifetime.


Most flooring experts will recommend you have your slate floor installed by a professional flooring contractor. Slate can be difficult to install, and it is important that the tiles are properly installed to prevent water seepage. Factor in a professional install when considering your budget.

Rustic Appearance

Slate flooring is a gorgeous option for a variety of spaces. Slate flooring is most commonly found in a grey color, but can also be found in browns and even greens. Slate is also commonly purchased in a textured form that is uneven and more natural looking. Most people enjoy how earthy and natural slate looks in their homes.

Slate flooring is a beautiful flooring choice that will also last for decades. Consider all the characteristics of slate tiles before choosing the material for your home or office remodeling project.

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