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Slate is a Material that Has Been Used for Centuries

Slate is a natural stone that is used across the world to enhance a homes ability to withstand the test of time.  Slate is used in roofing, to floor tiles, to accent peices such as coasters and cutting boards.  In Europe slate roofs are said to last up to 80-100 years. While we don't carry roofing materials, any material that can withstand the elements will be an incredible addition inside your home.   Slate tile is available in many different colors which are often complimented by the natural grain of the stone.  

Accent Your Home with a Natural Material

Upgrading your floors is an investment that should last a lifetime.  While all floors require some level of maintence and care, slate tile is known for requiring little attention.  Modern homes today have begun returning to some of the classic materials and natural stone such as slate.   Bring a dependable material into your home that can hold up to children, pets, and guests.   

The Discount Flooring Team is Ready to Help

We always recommend that you select a few different samples when upgrading your flooring, wall tiles, or backsplash.  We offer a wide selection of free slate samples to help you find the right tile for your home.  If you have any questions please contact our team anytime.  We wish you the best on your upcoming project.

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