How is Slate Tile Made?

Sara Miller
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Slate is a form of natural stone, meaning it is derived completely of natural processes, unlike ceramic, which combines chemical processes to complete the tiles. Slate is a combination of clay and silt that is bonded together through extremely high temperatures and pressure.

When slate is quarried, it is cut off into large slabs or sheets. Afterwards, it is brought to a mill where it is cut into tiles, inspected for faults, and in some cases, polished and finished.

At the consumer level, slate is available in a variety of finishes including:

  • Polished – smooth, even texture
  • Honed – uneven, finished texture
  • Buffed – smooth, matte texture

Slate is most commonly available in gray, but can also be found in greens, browns, and reds. Here are some of the advantages of purchasing slate tile flooring:

  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Slip resistant (compared to other types of natural stone)
  • Unique look

Shop through the vast collections of slate tile flooring and decide if it is the right choice for your home or office.

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