Things to Consider When Buying Quarry or Saltillo Tiles

Jim Williams
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Buying Guides

Quarry or Saltillo tiles are typically used for outdoor applications because of their durability and their “rustic” appearance. Still, because these tiles last a long time many homeowners are choosing to install quarry and Saltillo inside their homes. If you’re considering buying quarry or Saltillo tiles keep in mind these facts before moving forward:


Quarry tiles typically don’t need to be resealed. Because there is no top glaze on a quarry tile, there is nothing to wear down with heavy traffic. While, “raw” Saltillo tiles are available, many manufacturers recommend a pre-treated tile for full protection and uniformity. Keep in mind, you will have to reseal the grout regularly.


Saltillo and Quarry tiles are natural in their appearance and possess colors from brick red to a brownish clay color. Because these tiles are naturally occurring each one will have its own appearance. In other words, no two quarry or Saltillo tiles are exactly the same. While the size and shape of your tiles will be the same, keep in mind there many be minor differences in the overall look of each tile.


Because of the durability of these tiles, they are typically installed on outdoor decks, around pools, and on terraces. Because so many homeowners are realizing the strength of quarry and Saltillo tiles, they are choosing to install them as backsplashes and counters in kitchens and bathrooms. Experiment with your interior design and try some quarry or Saltillo tiles inside your home.


Quarry and Saltillo tiles are more affordable than other options like marble or even quartz tiles. Many renovators and homeowners are enjoying the creative freedom and money saving rewards quarry and Saltillo tiles provide.