How to Install Quarry Tiles

Sara Miller
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Installing quarry tiles will be different than if you were using another material. Quarry tiles are typically smaller and thicker than other types of tile, so the installation process will be a bit different. 

Follow this basic guide to learn how to install quarry tiles:

-Make sure your underlayment is level and free of debris and dirt. Many choose to lay their quarry tile over cement flooring. Never lay your quarry over carpet or wet flooring.

-Starting in the center of the room, divide the room into four sections.

-Begin with one section, and use your notched trowel to spread mortar and lay the quarry tiles.

-Use tile spacers to separate the tiles in each room corner. Finish each section until no whole tiles will fit on the edges. Let dry overnight.

-Remove the tile spacers with a putty knife and cut and lay the corner tiles. Let dry overnight.

-Mix your grout according to the instructions and use a rubber trowel to spread it on the floor, pressing it into the crevices between each tile.

-Let the grout sit for four minutes and wipe away any excess with a damp sponge. Let the grout sit for at least a day before allowing any traffic on your quarry tile floor.