Eco-Friendly Quarry Flooring

Jim Williams
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Eco-Friendly Quarry Flooring

Quarry tile is essentially high-fired, untreated ceramic, which makes it one of the most eco-friendly options on the market. If buying environmental, sustainable tiles is important to you, consider the benefits of buying eco-friendly quarry flooring.


Your quarry tiles will last for decades, even for 50 years (if not more). Because of this, you won’t have to continually replace your flooring and this will save on many resources including tiles, grout, flooring tools, and more.

Raw materials

Quarry tiles are typically extracted from naturally occurring quarries in close proximity to the factories they are processed at, diminishing transportation costs.


Leftover quarry tiles are often ground up and used in paving bricks, road fillers, or even in terrazzo tiles.

Air quality

Quarry tiles don’t absorb or emit any poisonous or toxic fumes, so the air in your home will be clean and pure, compared to if you used another type of tile.


Quarry tiles can often be cleaned using a mild, environmentally friendly cleaner diluted with warm water so there is no need for harsh, toxic cleaners.

Choosing a tile that will protect your family’s feet is important. With quarry tiles you can also choose a flooring option that will protect the environment.