How Quarry Tiles are Made

Sara Miller
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Quarry tile is ceramic tile that has been high-fired at extremely hot temperatures. Quarry tile is also unglazed giving it a matte finish that many homeowners enjoy in both interior and exterior spaces.

Quarry tiles are made through an extrusion process. The process involves feeding prepared clay into a shredder mixer where moisture is controlled in order to create malleable clay, but to also de-air the clay in order to compact it. 

Placing the clay through a die in order to produce a tile column completes the extrusion process. The process of extrusion creates a natural-looking texture as well as an anti-slip finish.

Quarry tiles are then dried, set, and fired. Quarry is typically fired over several hours between 1976-2066 ºF. The tiles are then inspected, tested, and sorted in order to be sold for interior and exterior applications.