How to Clean and Maintain Your Quarry or Saltillo Floor

Jim Williams
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Cleaning & Maintenance

Your quarry tiles and grout will require routine cleaning and maintenance to keep your floor in its best condition for many years. Follow these basic instructions for how to clean and maintain your quarry or Saltillo floor.

Routine Care

For regular cleaning, wipe tiles using a damp sponge. You can regularly vacuum your quarry tiles, as well as wet mop them using a mild cleaner. DO NOT use multi-purpose cleaners or cleaners containing ammonia as these can discolor your grout.

Grout Care

Grout can be quite porous, so it’s important to reseal periodically. Twice a year clean your floors and allow them to completely dry. Then reseal to fill in the space between in each tile.

Deep Cleaning

For deep cleaning, use a commercial tile cleaner with a souring pad. For extra tough messes you can mix the tile cleaner with hot water, just be sure to follow the manufacturer instructions of the cleaner you’re using.

Cleaning your quarry floor regularly, and replacing any broken tiles, as well as resealing your grout are all steps you can take to lengthen the life of your floor.