How to Care for Travertine Tile

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Travertine stone tiles occur naturally, and provide any home or office space with a unique swirled aesthetic varying in browns, tans, and whites. Travertine is considered a luxury building material, and can be quite costly. Because of this it is very important to care for your travertine tiles, so they look great for years. Follow these basic guidelines for cleaning and caring for your travertine tiles.


Always apply a manufacturer-approved sealer to your tiles to lock in shine and block out moisture. Travertine is a form of limestone, and can be quite porous. Make sure moisture does not ruin your tiles by applying a quality sealer at least once a year. Many sealers are now available with non-toxic materials that are safer for the environment and your family.


As with most tiles, one of the keys to keeping travertine scratch free is removing loose dirt and debris. Regularly sweep your floors, and wet mop once a week using a mild soap solution, just remember not to use acid-based cleaner on your floors.


Maintaining your tiles is as important as keeping them clean. Avoid denting and scratching on your tiles by applying furniture pads to your furniture – especially if you are going to be moving your furniture across the floor.

Here are a few additional tips for keeping your travertine tile floor looking great:

-Use area rugs to protect your tiles

-Immediately clean up spills

-Replace or repair cracked and chipped tiles as soon as possible

-Make sure your tiles are installed properly, to prevent moisture from seeping between the tiles

Travertine is a beautiful flooring option, so if you install it in your home, keep it looking new for years by carefully cleaning and maintaining it. Caring for your travertine tiles will keep them looking newer for longer.

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