How Travertine is Made

Jim Williams
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Travertine is a natural stone that, like marble, is formed from limestone. When springs and rivers deposit minerals, they are accumulated to form speleothems that turn into travertine. Primarily made of calcium carbonate, travertine is what happens when minerals from the earth’s crust undergo pressure. If travertine underwent an excessive amount of pressure, it would eventually turn into marble.

The color variations of whites, tans, and browns come from the way the minerals are deposited into the springs and cave mouths. Because of this, no travertine stone tiles will be exactly alike. Many people appreciate the uniqueness this provides to their kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces.

Once travertine is quarried it is transported to a mill where it is cut, sawed, and polished for the consumer market. Travertine, like limestone, is a natural stone that is quite porous, so it is important to use a sealer if you are concerned your travertine stone floor will get wet.

Travertine has a unique “swirled” look that makes a beautiful addition to many residential and commercial spaces. Great for a variety of uses, consider natural travertine stone for your next floor remodeling project.

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