Eco-Friendly Travertine

Jim Williams
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Travertine is a natural stone derivative of limestone. When limestone undergoes a tremendous amount of pressure, it turns into travertine. Beyond being beautiful and luxurious, travertine can also be eco-friendly. Check out these reasons why travertine can be an eco-friendly option.

No Artificial Processes

Travertine occurs naturally, after limestone undergoes extreme pressure. Because of this, there are no artificial manufacturing processes required. Travertine is simply extracted and cut, using fewer resources and emitting fewer toxins into the air.

Recycled Materials

While recycled travertine is not readily available for flooring at the consumer level, you can recycle your travertine stones when you are finished with them. If you have travertine tiles installed in your home and are replacing your floors, you can recycle your tiles. Many manufacturers will crush travertine tiles and use the material in pavement and other applications.


Travertine will last for years, which means you won’t have to replace your floors as frequently. By remodeling less frequently you are using less materials and saving resources.

Travertine is gorgeous, as well as durable. Because of this it is often considered an environmentally friendly choice for many home and offices spaces.

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