Four Finishes of Travertine

Sara Miller
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Travertine is beautiful and when properly installed and sealed, very durable. Many people choose travertine because of its unique natural stone appearance. Often swirled in browns and tans, travertine is as varied as it is luxurious. Travertine tiles are available in four major finishes:


Polished tiles are known for their smooth and shiny appearance. Some polished travertine tiles are shiny enough to reflect light. Keep in mind that these tiles will be the most slippery when wet, so it is important to consider where you are installing your travertine to make sure you are installing the safest material for your space.


Honed tiles have a matte finish, and are often uneven and bumpy when purchased. Honed tiles will need to be filled and sealed to make them appropriate for indoor floor installation. Many prefer the honed look because it is rustic and earthy. However, keep in mind that purchasing honed tiles may require further filling and sealing.


Brushed tiles are similar to honed travertine in that they have a textured look. The process of brushing travertine tiles includes chiseling around the natural indentations of the travertine stone. Many choose brushed tiles and maintain the uneven texture to use as backsplashes and in outdoor applications.


Tumbled travertine tiles are tumbled with gentle abrasives that give it a matte finish that is even, but still textured. Many choose tumbled travertine tiles because they are natural looking and less slippery than polished travertine tiles.

With a variety of travertine tile finishes to choose from, it is easy to see why this natural stone is so popular in building and remodeling projects of any size and scope. Choosing a beautiful finish will allow you to further customize the look of your home or office, giving you design freedom along with a sturdy and durable floor that will last for years.

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