How to Install Travertine Tiles

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Installing your own travertine tile floor can save you money on labor costs. Of course, it is important to properly measure and carefully plan your floor to avoid any costly mistakes. Here are the basic guidelines for installing your new travertine tile floor:

Before installation:

  • Purchase all your materials and tools
  • Order more tiles thank you think you need (just in case)
  • Prepare the substrate (subfloor) by making sure it is clean, dry, and even


  • Notched trowel
  • Adhesive or mortar
  • Chalk or masking tape
  • Tile spacers


  • Mix the mortar or adhesive according to the instructions
  • Divide the floor into four quadrants using masking tap or chalk
  • Lay a row of travertine tiles down across the divider line
  • Apply a thin layer of adhesive and lay your tiles down
  • Lay the second row next to the first row
  • Use tile spacers to keep your lines even
  • After you have layed all the tiles, allow the adhesive to dry for 12 hours
  • After 12 hours, apply the grout according to the manufacturer instructions
  • Let the grout dry for 12 hours and remove excess grout from the travertine

As always, follow the specific manufacturer instructions for installing travertine tiles. Here are a few additional quick tips to help you install your travertine tile floor:

  • Make sure they area you are working in is well-ventilated
  • Wear safety gloves
  • Use a damp sponge to remove excess grout from tiles
  • Apply a manufacturer-recommended travertine sealer after the grout has dried
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